About Us

The reality is that 70% of people with a complex disease will look for a clinical trial, but less than 5% will find a suitable trial. This means that despite the advancements in precision medicine, millions of people won't get access to the newest available option.

We have all been affected by this story. Each and every one of us has a friend, parent, child, or loved one who has suffered from disease, and Nomix's mission is to help everyone get access to the latest medical research.

Our team is led by world renowned doctors and network scientists who use the latest in network science to match patients to clinical trials all over the world. With over 300 thousand trials going on worldwide, we combine the latest advancements in precision medicine and network science to help you access every available option.

Please join us to help change the way people think about finding a clinical trial for their disease.


Our Story

We all know someone who failed to gain access to the treatment they needed. We know your fight because it's our fight too.


Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves the right to access the latest medical care. That means finding a clinical trial.


Our Technology

We use a combination of RNA & DNA to help patients understand their disease & match them to a clinical trial.